Love Yourself First

one day i found a wallet by the curb with all of the contents in it. i walked to the person's house and gave them the wallet and was rewarded $5.00. i was walking to the store one and seen the lady's son. he hit me and we started fighting. i just knew that he was going to get as much as he was giving. an elder came out of his house and stopped the fight and asked what we were fighting about. i didn't know but the lady's son said that i stole his mother's wallet. i ever forgot that and i felt if this guy had ever been taught how to love himself first than he would have knew that you don't get rewards from god for stealing.

skippy32 skippy32
41-45, M
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

You did the right thing.It is so sad that dishonesty is seen as the norm these days.