I Can't Say No Because I Love You...

I am 2 years younger than my boyfriend and i can't tell him no to the things i know i shouldnt do. Im scared that he will get mad at me and not love me anymore. He is the best thing i have in my life and i don't want to loose him. He is the only person i feel comfortable around.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

How old are you? 13?<br />
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First off - in the case of this not being about sex - why are you in a relationship with a guy who would ever even ask you to do things you know you shouldn't do?<br />
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If we're talking about sex here, which I'm not sure cause you weren't even wise enough to specify - if he wants to have sex, and you say no, and he gets mad or stops loving you he probably isn't worth being with to begin with. Have some self respect.<br />
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Next, the chances of you being with this guy for very long, are actually quite slim, to almost none, is made evident by the obvious lack of maturity on your part. <br />
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Which means you really need to stop basing you're happiness off of him, and ba<x>se it off of yourself. As well as begin looking for friends who you feel comfortable around, friends you can keep for a long time, as well as looking at strengthening the bond to your family so when you & this boyfriend break up, you're comfortable enough with them to go to them.

If he's really as great as you think he is, in fact if he's worth loving at all, then there's no way he could be mad at you. A decent guy will respect your choices, even respect you more for resisting the impulse to "go too far".