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Trust Me.

Everyone says it's a good thing.

"...You'll look younger when you're old!"

Having a 'baby-face' and being short is nothing to be jealous of. Trust me.

It's difficult to be taken seriously. I cannot be annoyed or frustrated in public without a friend either going "Awww, you're so cute when you're angry." or just being laughed at. Not only does it anger me more but wounds my pride.

If there's general conversation surrounding 'teenager stuff' (such as drinking beverages, smoking, running away or anything classed as 'rebellious'), everyone has a story. Mine however always seem to be met by shock, or comments like "But you're so innocent!" or "It doesn't suit you."

Of course, when there are cons, there are pros. I've slipped into movie theatres, art galleries, carnival rides, even competitions as a "child, 12 and under" for discounts more times than I care to admit. It bites me back even more frequently though. Teachers have assumed I'm in Year 7 or 8, instead of Year 11/meant-to-be Year 12. It's not offensive but creates the awkwardness everyone wants to avoid when it comes to assuming ages.

Despite being older than more than half of them, I am always considered the baby sister among my peers. I'm never 'sexy' or 'hot' like my friends are. I'm always 'pretty' and 'cute'. My adolencent years are coming to a close end and I have yet to be seen as a teenager.

My friends are the ones to be jealous of.

TimeDragonClock TimeDragonClock 18-21, F Jul 14, 2011

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