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YES! and its really starting to get on my last nerve!  I went to see Saw three and they wouldn't even let me in.  First I had to show two forms of ID at the window and once I got to the door to go in I had to show both IDs again.  Don't even get me started on trying to go to the bar or a club.  Oh and when I graduated from College, I was out to dinner and a lady came by and said congrats, did you decided what college your going to or what your going to do now that High school is over?  and I was 26 when I graduated.  Oh it is sooo annoying
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4 Responses May 3, 2007

I get it ALL the time, Im 22, and most people think Im about 16-18. It really frustrates me!<br />
And its embarrassing! <br />
Some bonuses... I got charged a child fare on a bus trip lol, my mates felt totally ripped off!

I'm a 22 and about to graduate from College. I've said this before, but if i had a dollar for ever blank stare, odd look, stupid question, or downright insult I've gotten in bars/ clubs Bill Gates would be my butler. I definitely know what your talking about. I went to see a rated R movie with my ex, and they made me stand outside while a manager checked 2 forms of ID making dumb comments about how young i look. How embarrassing... oh well. People are just jealous that i'm not going to get wrinkles until i'm 60. Another thing...i look young because i had Leukemia when i was 2 years old and cancer 2 times since then. When people are ignorant it makes me glad that i'm alive and well.

I know the feeling it makes you feel a like crap plus it is embarrasing.I always get ask stuff like did you get out of school early and I am 25 years old.

I used to have people ask me when a school year was about to start if I was excited about going back. It can be irritating although people say that at least eventually I will like it that I can pass for younger.