Looking Young For My Age

Wow I realise that are lots of people both male and female in the same boat. I am 27 years old male but look like 16 I guess. Only about 5,7 and 140 lbs with a baby face. I get so sick of the same comments enjoy looking young why it lasts..Enjoy what??? not being taken seriously by 99% of people not being able to get girls my age cuz they dont want to date a kid. Not getting younger girls 18-22 because they find out im 27 allmost 28 and that creeps them out..ya so much to enjoy. I try to no let the comments made behind my back bug me but its very difficult and depressing sometimes.

My friends think I am reclusive and that i never wanna go out and do things on fri/ sat nights but really I just hate feeling uncomfortable. I hear bartenders/bouncers or random girls n guys say things like kid must have good fake ID or who brought the 16 year old to the party. I hate feeling depressed because I know I am a nice caring guy that has a lot to offer but I hate feeling like I wish I was never even born because I just cant seem fit in and be happy. I would love to talk more with people that relate to this problem. email me plz if anyone wants to talk bhazelton85@gmail

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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

so me too I am 32 and last year I was at the library with my husband and two kids and I was pregnant with my third and my oldest son who was 12 at the time wanted a library card and my husband and daughter walked off and the lady was talking to my son and I some more then she looks at me and says you know you have to be at least 18 to sign up for a library card I was like I am way over 18 I am 31 and his mom she was like oh compliment of the day I thought you were his big sister. it was just like a punch to the gut