Always Looked Older

When I was 14, my 8 year old sister, another 14 year old and I went ice skating.  When they had paid for their passes, I got to the window and the lady goes, "Are you going skating with them too, Mom?"  My sister and friend busted out laughing and started begging "Mommy" to please come skating too.  It was kind of sad to me, but I played along.

I've also always played the older roles in the plays and musicals I do.  Out of the 50+ shows I have done, I have only once played a character who was anywhere near my own age.  I usually play the 40/50-something mother or b*tch or the angry wife who is getting a divorce due to her middle age crisis.  Sometimes it's great, because the characters are always memorable and interesting, but sometimes I just wish I could play the sweet little romantic lead.

Chanteuse1984 Chanteuse1984
26-30, F
Jun 13, 2007