People Mistake Me For Much You...

People mistake me for much younger than I am.  This has always been the case.  No matter what I wear or the amount of makeup I put on, the general public sees me as no older than a teenager.  I get carded everywhere.  The high school bus stop and the public transportation bus stop are very close to each other.  I've been passed up countless times because the driver thought I was waiting for the other bus.  My parents used to lie and say I was younger for discounts.  The kids at work think I'm about their age.  My sister's friends always thought that I was her younger sister.  Heck, even people in public would say things to my sister like, "Take care of your little sister."  I would burst out with, "I will."  The only saving grace is that everyone believes that my older brother is younger than all of us!
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3 Responses Jan 12, 2007

I'm a 22 year old leukemia survivor. I was 2 when i had the disease so through out my entire life I've looked really young. People say i look anywhere from 13-16. Old ladies have told me that there 12 year old grandchildren look older than i do, and mall security before 3:15(when school gets out) can be a ***** I just tell those old ladies that there grandchildren are abnormal behemoths or to get a pair of effin glasses... Bottom line people can be ignorant, just try not to join them!!! lol

I get the same crap like people thinking that I am in high school when really I am 25 years old. SO I know your pain.

I have two daughters, 18 and 23. The younger one looks to be the older one. And that's a 5 year gap at a crucial age. Does it bother them? Yes, I think perhaps occasonally. All I know is that if the older one is visiting, and I'm out, and I call home, if it sounds like a younger voice I know it's the older one.