Beyond Morbid

Well to say I am morbid is an understatement. I live, breath, sleep in darkness. I love anything that has anything to do with death. I look up suicide because it interest me so much and am not against it. Who can say  what a person should  be able to live with or handle. I notice I have changed more and more and become more dark minded and more morbid as time goes on. I dream of death and destruction all the time. I stay depressed and numb most the time. I look up stories of people on the Internet like Evelyn McHale and if you don't know what she is about I suggest you look her up because i'm not going to tell you. I feel like most of my life I was living in denial and ignorance of life and how things ''really are" and now i see the world for what it really is. Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss

nurse2nice nurse2nice
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2010

Finally I find someone who understands....