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Make Up Your Minds

Am I too serious or do I think everything is a joke? People are always saying I’m so serious about everything, then they change their tune and say I never take anything seriously. I can be serious when it comes to important things and yes, I do take them seriously, but one can’t be a ***** all the time and try to do everything precise. There’s a time to play and there’s a time to work. I know the times.

If it’s a bad day for me, I’m not going to be a ray of sunshine so I don’t expect other people to be either. Days where I’m upset I can bite people’s heads off if they say something that puts me off and usually those days I take everything too serious and get annoyed quickly if people don’t just stay to themselves.

I’m not going to be a serious person all the time – I’m going to joke around and be carefree. Have a bit of fun in live, no one gets out of it alive anyway, so be daring and don’t take everything so very seriously.

Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 11 Responses Mar 28, 2010

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Hahahahaha! *giggle-giggle, snort-snort* Giggles! *BIG HUGS* I won't ever forget what Grandma Giggles said - wise words of wisdom passed down form generation to generation. =] That's true though... lots of people here already have such a tough life that makes them sad and tired, that they don't need others to keep complaining about their life. But even so, there are people here, friends, who are willing to listen to those who need someone to talk to and be serious with. And then there are the wonderful jokers like you who brighten-up any upset fellow's day! I think the first story i read of yours was when you were teasing Reece and I was laughing myself off my chair and I knew from then that you truly are an amazing woman, awesome friend - for fun times and for serious times! =) Thank you Giggles. *smiles* That means a lot to me, really (all serious now =P Okay, maybe some tongue shows a bit of play too. =) ) *EVEN BIGGER HUGS* I may not be as wise as you or Grandma Giggles, but I am also here for you if you just need a shoulder or someone to just talk to and steam off a bit around for you. I'm always here for the amazing giggling Giggles. =]<br />
<br />
Lol, just shout so I can hear you because you are so far sometimes. =P

*giggles* I'll point it out next time you are :) <br />
<br />
giggles - I know that I am either absolutely serious or absolutely silly - maybe your the same and people are reacting to that?

Lol, I get accused of the same things. I'll get pm's asking me why I'm so serious all the time with a name like "giggles" and then I'll get one asking why I'm always laughing and don't I ever get serious. As you say, we have our serious moments, our down times, etc. but I try to be cheerful and happy when on ep. Seems to me that most on here have enough "down moments" in their life, they don't need to hear me whining and complaining so I keep that to myself .... you always bring me a smile and a giggle and I love knowing you! Haha, you can come be SERIOUS with me anytime, I don't mind and I promise NOT to ask you why. It's called life and if you laughed all day long, I'll tell you what my old Grandmama used to say : "My dear, there are places for people who can't stop laughing... it's called the looney bin and you DON'T want to visit!" .... of course, that only made me laugh harder =D

Like YOU, Kitty?

one can too be a ***** all the time!

Oh? And when have I been serious? =)

rarely - I've seen you serious - though mostly watching from afar :P

*giggle-giggle* I think we shall say my mood when by you is never serious. =P

I have to say your both :P - as you said depending on mood. ^^

There you go! =]

That's exactly the same thing that happens to me. I typically don't take things super seriously, so I can make light of a difficult situation. On the other hand, people think I'm too serious because I don't act like a silly little kid. I try to handle myself with poise and modesty. No reason to be outrageous.