What Gangster Boss Tom Hardy Will Be

David Yates is currently revising the script of Cicero, the script of the film from the original screenwriter is the famous writer Warren Green. Allegedly studios Warner decided produce this film into three seasonsy, but it is only the first part in preparation, shaped into a trickster tales.

The godfather Al-Gapone nickname Scarface, was born in 1899, grew up in the slums of New York Brook forest, parents are Italy immigrants. Nineteen twenties at the beginning of 1931, Al-Gapone ruled Chicago underworld, to become King of Chicago, Chicago Underground Mayor. Gapone's black will generally wore windbreaker, armed with assault rifles, assault with a grenade open-circuit, tough cruelty, make other gangs at. Reportedly, Al-Gapone personally kill more than hundreds, narrowly escaped ambush at least hundreds times. On 1932, Al-Gapone hide personal income, tax evasion crime and was sentenced to 11 years in prison. On 1947, He died in the Palm islands Florida.

Cicero may be started in 2013 production shooting. Tom Hardy will star its many actor. The familiar background with Bane under his Batman Bane mask in Batman, who built the undercity king, the strong power to control the whole city. The Dark Knight Rises Bane mask was a successful point in this film.

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Jan 10, 2013