Salvation For Serabi

Hello everyone, I would like to share some thoughts on this topic. I do not want to single anyone out but there is only one person who has actualy found the bravery in her heart to express her thoughts and feelings. If you are reading this right now, clear your mind from your surroundings and listen to every word I say to you all.

To begin with, If you have read Serabi's thoughts(the only other story in this forum), then I will answer or comment on her words.

I Love You Serabi, but Jesus Loves You MORE!<3
I am sure you are a lovely lady, living in fear is only for those who condemn God and choose to follow and worship other people and things that bring negativity to their lives. God does not punish Serabi, God said in His words that those who choose to follow Him and have Faith that you will be saved after this life, God will open the gates of Heaven and pour out His blessings more than you can even store up in this life.

I will quote my aunts words, "I prefer living life believing there is a God and dieing founding out there isnt, than not believing and founding out there is one."

I can honestly tell you that from my own life experiences that their is a God because from the age of 10 I was diagnosed with NF-2 (Neurofibromatosis Type 2), tumors that develope randomly in my body but are not cancerous tumors. I have two tumors the size of 2 to 3 centimeters inside my skull. Doctors concluded that I would not live for my 18th birthday and if I did, I would be hospitalized! I turn 20 this year, thank God, and if you see my picture I am perfectly healthy and have not once had surgery. I can perform more physical intense task than your average man and I am a straight A student at the University of Phoenix.

In High School I started studying the bible on my own and i pray daily and I always make all my choices with Jesus at mind. Not once have I i worried about dieing or afraid to die because Jesus perform miracles in those who believe in Him.

To everyone reading this,
Life is a life long test, God wants us to overcome life and live a happy life filled with blessings. God will never put anything in your path that He knows we cannot overcome. From temptation to making life choices.

God does not ask for you to perform crazy emberassing things but only following and practicing His words. There is only one Gracful God because He provides our needs and we recieve blessings every morning.

Do not fall for deception for that is the power the devil only has, but for humans deception is a powerful and the only way to overcome life is with God.

God Bless All of You and Serabi, I gurantee you with my life that if you chose to follow Jesus, your eyes will open to a Beautiful Life!
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Feb 28, 2011