My Apologies

As a favor to a friend, I went on a double date once with two guys she had chosen, and during dinner, the subject of modern values came up in conversation. When asked my opinion, I gave it, and later had my friend pull me aside and hiss, "Stop being so deep! They won't like us if they think we are smarter than them."

My apologies for having been born with a brain and figuring out how to use it.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Thanks for all the comments! I agree with all of you!! <br />
That friend is still single and has never had a meaningful relationship. I have been in several and am in one right now, so I guess we see the results of that kind of thinking.

Oh my!!! I wouldn't be double dating with her again. I would hate to see the man that she ends up with if she is willing to lower her standards for herself in order to catch a man. If you go out with fungirl you better be intelligent or I am bored quickly. Men are just like women in my opinion. I have many male friends and the thing they complain about the most in their search for women is that the woman was ditzy. With the exception of one, most of them are looking for an average woman with a decent IQ, plans for her future, and common interests. You will end up finding what you are looking for and your friend will end up catering to a man's ego that is most likely not even close to her own level.

Haha I agree. I figure that if I'm too smart for you, that's your problem...<br />
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