Dancing Is Beautiful

I danced a lot when I was younger. I would always let loose and dance my little heart away up until I hit about 12 or 13. That was the point in my life where the shyness hit, and for dancing, it's never went away. I'll admit that I'm a shy person in general, but for most things I can get over it and move past it. I cannot even dance alone! All by myself, alone in my own home, I still can't bring myself to do it. I feel awkward and silly, almost to the point of being anxious, so I just forget about it.

I love to watch people dance. All forms of it. I enjoy all those silly dance movies, and constantly wish I could get over my fear. I find dancing a beautiful form of self expression, and completely envy those who are not too shy or too embarrassed to just let loose. Even those individuals you sometimes see in a bar or dance club that have absolutely no rhythm I completely respect, and wish I had the "stones" to be like them.

Lexiara Lexiara
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Don't worry about being awkward and silly. Dancing is a fun thing to do, even if you do it alone. Try to even dance naked in a place nobody would see you, like the bathroom.

Well if you have danced before then there shouldn't be anything stopping you :) <br />
Why dont you just try and dance alone? Build your confidence up? <br />
If you have danced before, then you have it in you :)

dancing is beautiful youre right. i am hoping since im in my shy stage(12) i will get over it too. because that use to be my favorite thing to do.