Can't Stop Crying

I am always crying and my family and friends now take a joke out of this which makes me cry more. I just can't deal with my problems without crying. I think I have remained sane for a long time because I cry out all my worries and it just makes me feel better. If I didn't cry I'd probably opt to get drunk or abuse drugs or something worse off.

misscry misscry
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

crying is important since it brings out dirts from the eye but crying every day is not good it can make your face moody.

well no I'm a Virgo. lol

would you happen to be a cancer... lol... cause i am... and I CRY ALL DANG DAY...

Cryin does your body and soul good.. ITs like washin it out... <br />
But you also need to know everything doesnt warrant crying about... But cause then it can lead you to a low self pity place know as Depression... and thats no good for any one...