I'M Fat And It'S My Own Fault!

Hey EP, I'm 33 and weigh over 500lbs. It's not a new thing for me, being fat, this is the story of my childhood.
At 5 years old pictures of me already show a large 85lb boy with his obese parents. I was eating compulsively, having McDonald's for 90% of my meals.
I was always encouraged to eat until I could eat no more and by aged 9 I weighed almost 140lbs! I was huge and began to comfort eat as I was bullied because of my extra weight, being double the weight of all of the other kids. By age 12 my weight ballooned mainly due to the $70 a week to spend on food i was given by my parents. By 12 my weight was almost 220lbs and it was hell just to walk to school. I stopped all forms of physical activity including walking and spent all the time I could in the house. I had feasts at night with chocolate, coke and biscuits, raiding the cupboards for all I could find.
By 15 I was 300lbs and the next year I dropped out of school to live with my parents. That was when it got really bad.
between ages 16 to 19 I never went out of the house once! And I became a lazy 500lb slob. Part 2 coming soon :(
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It's amazing how big you are! :)

Hi I'd like to help u if willu be online