The Older I Get the More I Give Too Much of Myself

I have always been a nice person. Someone whom would give to anyone in need. Lately I have noticed my family using my kindness for weakness and I feel as though they are using me when it comes to money. It is not entirely their fault,because I know how to say "no". There isn't anything stupid about me I just can't see anyone that I love in need and not help. I have started to become irritated at myself because every time I give of myself to my family, I feel as I am loosing part of me. In this economy it is hard to make ends meet, but when I hear the question:"Do you have any money" like clockwork,I try my best to give each and everytime. I checked my bank account and when I heard the amount I wanted to punch the closet wall!!!!!!! I must start to pull back and lie.I NEED to be whole. I am not the type that shops and need things that aren't important, but I like to have money for a rainy day. My family believes that it's just money and it will be spent anyway. I am the opposite.
Natalia35 Natalia35
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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

I know exactly how you feel. I am too giving of things at times as well!