So Scared of Making the Wrong Decisions That I Cant Make Them At All

no matter what it is.. i worry my decision will be irreversible and if i make the wrong choice.. i'll be a failure its this fear that makes me so indecisive and means i find it very difficult to make choices because im scared i will regret them. its good because it generally means i dont make snap decisions based on spur of the moment feelings.. but bad because i end up not making a choice at all. i need to stop trying to be such a perfectionist and just make choices. even if theyre wrong, at least i can learn from them. ..if only it was that easy.
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Nah, i wasn't offended by it, mostly because i think there's a lot of truth behind it! So im glad you didnt get rid of it..<br />
Thinking aloud is good :)

Was going to remove the "adult life" comment because I thought maybe it sounded too pompous, but I'm glad you weren't too offended by it. I was thinking aloud.

Wise words koalaguy.<br />
I think the whole 'decisions being a part of adult life' is half the issue. Im still young but am at a stage where there seems to be more and more decisions that i have to make for myself. I guess maybe thats just a bit scary.<br />
But yeah, i need to try not to be so afraid of making mistakes i think. <br />
Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

It is frustrating, so many decisions these days.<br />
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Snap decisions don't really give you the time you need to make an informed decision. Putting off the decision indefinitely can be a mistake too.<br />
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Unfortunately, decisions are part of adult life. As a child, our decisions were often handled for us by our elders.<br />
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You don't always have to be alone when it comes to certain decisions. Sometimes, there's someone (counsellor, friend, parent) with whom you can share the problem.<br />
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Don't be afraid of mistakes. Every time something goes wrong, smile, pick yourself up and try to learn something from it that will help you avoid that situation next time (But if you do find yourself in the same situation, don't waste time telling yourself off, move on with more important things).