Too Independent

I  am too independent....Ever feel like you were raised to be this strong creature and have high expectations for people in your life? But when these expectations fail to materilize, you feel lost and uncertain....I know this feeling all to well....I've dated and slept with guys but I feel due to my independence, I sort of chased them off....I have this new guy friend and we've grown pretty close...But he feels like I hold back....I don't know what to do, I'm confused....Help!!!

librashunda librashunda
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2007

You have been raised inside a matriarchal society which is just as unbalanced as a patriarchal one.<br />
Tell him you are confused. Let him inside and let him dig around.<br />
Also take some pressure off both of you. one nice trick is to tell yourself this is 8 boyfriends before you have finished 'studying and learning what you need to know to be married'. This is just practice chances are it is not going to work out, so then you can relax and let it hang out and work itself out.<br />
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You might find if you were a bit harder to get into bed and set goals for yourself you will produce better results.<br />
I just wrote a long piece with to a girl complaining about being obese. Read that. It goes way past losing weight.