If I Loved You

I wanted to write about an intense love so I dug deep and came up with this -

If I loved you . . . .
You would know that you are loved. You would never need to question it.
You would feel the true emotion of intense love. The fire that burns within you would be released.
You would feel desirable and desired. Your inner beauty would be free to express itself at last.
You would be mine and I yours. Two souls, one spirit.

If I loved you . . . .
You could never love again. No other could take you to the heights you once soared.
You would feel the love few others have experienced.
You would welcome death, because life without me would be too empty.
You too would learn to love with intensity. Passion has no limits.

If I loved you . . . .
Your very soul would belong to me. And you would give it gladly.
You would sustain me. Your very essence will feed me.
You will at last know eternity and yearn for it.
You would become me and I would become you.

If I loved you . . . .
You would become empowered. My heart would belong to you and you alone.
I would give my life for you. My only reason for being would be to love you.

And if you loved me, I would be complete. The whole and not the part.

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11 Responses Nov 5, 2011

Outstanding. We got a live one here

youre very good, but sadly gone

WOW...just wow. You described what I want and hope to have someday.

WOW...just wow. You described what I want and hope to have someday.

Two thumbs up :)

Sir, you words and the sentiments they express are truly stunning. If only we could all find love like that!

Aww I TOTALLY loved reading this......

Wow, that is beautiful. I believe it does exist and most of us are terrified of it. People hide behind their individuality, there is safety in hiding our deepest emotions and feelings from others and not allow others to prey on that weakness. It would require absolute trust, how would anyone even go about building that trust?!

beautiful - x

If you found that kind of love I don't think it would ever burn out. Might dim just a bit but would always be there. Beaytifully done.

Tears iin my eyes. thats just beautiful. WOW!