Soon To Meet My Mother Wherever She Is

uhmm this is really hard to say because... it is
i.. i'v been having some issues and i needed to go to the hospital for some days
and the doctors found out i have this rare sickness because i dont have enough nutrians in my body and...
im going to die. they didnt tell me a date or anything because they didnt want me to flip out on them but they said ... approximately two weeks..

we could try an operation but its 89 percent chance that it will chance and reduce my time.

this week and the next i will do all the things i want to do and maybe the things i never tried and want in a way...
if you ask me yes i started flipping out and i cried about like 3 days but the best thing for me now is just to believe im not going to die and live happily until then. im out of the hospital now so i can spend the last two weeks as i pleas.
not sure if i should delete this account or just leave it....
ok thanks for you guys who were so sweet to me and supported me.
.. gosh this is so hard you cant even imagine.. well see yah! <3
Scarlettshadowkeeper Scarlettshadowkeeper
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you didn't do anything darling &lt;3