What A Stupid Game....

This guy tells me things that I don't want to hear, I don't need to know. It gets me jealous, for obvious reasons (at least for me)
I don't want to know he's been with other girls, it's something I stated before, I've made it clear with him.
He keeps doing it.. and then he says "I was just joking, not serious" and then I joke with him too and say something back in the same level of stupidity to see his reaction.
I didn't find out if it hurts the same way it hurts me (maybe I'm just overreacting or being way to emotional) - But only when it's something "real - I'm not joking", he gets cold and serious.

Sometimes he talks about his past relationships too, which is acceptable (despite that bit of jealousy bitting here, I can handle) and from what he tells, I seem to find a pattern there... he mostly tells that he's the one who gets dump for other guy, he gets mad and so on.

I think it makes sense, he gets cheated because he's a j*rk. Or he's just protecting himself being a...j*rk? (why should I care???)

I start o understand and relate with his ex's.
CupcakesCake CupcakesCake
26-30, F
Sep 14, 2012