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...I've been jealous. It's not about what other people have that I don't. Well, maybe it is. Here's the upside down thing: I don't get to hug my girlfriend because she's too far away right now. All of a sudden I flip out because someone else gets that privilege.

It's just a hug. A friendly hug. So why was I so on edge when I found out about this hug? It's because I want her all to myself...and I know I shouldn't think like that. It's just that...she is the love of my life. If there is one thing I am truly afraid of, it's losing her. So I have to be irrational about this. I don't think I can do anything else. Even though I know it's wrong/unhealthy to be jealous, why do I still get the tendencies? It's unfair, to her, to me.
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1 Response Oct 18, 2012

The problem is jealousy pushes people away in the sense that it creates a distance between you and that person....and introduces lots of discomfort into the relationship. This is so "broken record," but if you love someone, you simply must trust them. If you say you trust her, but not the other person--well that's kinda like an excuse too. If you trust her, then don't be overly jealous!

I think I was over the jealousy when I started realizing how special she was to me. It it me hard, too. She was the best thing that's happened to me since a whole line of one bad thing after another. I found her, so I should have been happy with that. Then...I realized another thing about her that she'd been hinting at every now and then. It inevitably caused our break up, because I couldn't be a part of "that world."

What you said here was great advice, though. I shall keep it in mind for next time. :-)

Sorry to hear that...it is always disappointing when you think you've found someone, and everything about them feels so right, but then you find out that "thing'' that you know is just an insurmountable problem.

Yeah...it's tough on the heart. Just have to keep finding positive things to be happy about =/