Saw a tall, thin girl today. Long, curly blonde hair, blue eyes, a little bit of mascara and lipstick and a body petite but healthy looking.

I don't know why, but she was so perfect she looked like an angel. A swan. A 5'10 beautiful swan. She was in jeans and a work uniform, but goodness, I'd never seen anyone so gorgeous!

I almost felt like dying myself just looking at her.
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so i am jealous of my friend lets call her C. too

She is probably a total *****, and she definitely can't write funny stuff like you... Be yourself and don't give a stuff about how other women look...

The question is not of beauty but rather is it the same within? Or just a shallow facade?

I hope so. You try to spot her again?

I hope you do:). Wonder what would come of it?

Lol. We can only hope:).

You should have walked up to her and said at least "Hi" is not invited her to join you for lunch. dang girl - do I have to teach you EVERYthing?

All the better - she can't just run away... but has to respond to you... ;)

Well you see, if ya told her how much you liked her - she could not run away... and if she did like you as well... well when it was her break time.... ya see... dang - another missed opportunity for ya...

Oh come on girl... you know how to get Mom sidetracked and to go get something without you there so you can have a private moment....

Oh.... :(( and she sounds so hot..... well, maybe the next one... lol

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