Dole House

yep, why leave? oh i know, cos the people in it drive me insane. but lets just close the bedroom door and forget that bit for a moment. and concentrate on why you'd bother leaving your bed. the laptop has made this a much more unlikely task. comfy bumfy. however, say if there is a drink involved and someone i dont wanna bash across the bar, i can be persuaded and then returning to the house is just filled with regret. ditto for trips for ciggies. home is where the heart is, and mine is broken. if it was ever whole in the first place.

piggygoff piggygoff
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 4, 2007

do you do like me and save errands up so that when you finally HAVE to go you have several to get out of the way so you don't have to leave again for a few days, week, weeks or whatever? i try to lump all my errands together that way i don't have to be get out of bed that often. if ever i get out of bed on a regular basis i'm sure it would miss me.