Home Sweet Home

I love lazing around at home and sleeping in and watching tv and cooking now and then at home.  I wonder if it is because I am overworked and tired or is it laziness? I wanna say the former, but there are people who can do hang out rather than relax after working so much ( my hubby is like this at times).. I don't know where they get energy.. or maybe they feel better hanging out/doing things when they have extra time time. But for me I would rather relax, it would just exhaust me more). But I do get in moods when I have been working less, to want to go shopping, go out to eat, watch movies, etc.. Like today for example, you couldn't drag me out because I know I have to work tomorrow and just knowing that, I feel like doing whatever I want and relaxing today will give me more energy. Other wise I find myself getting annoyed and hating work for taking up too much time, leaving me exhausted and needing to relax, and still not able to keep my life balanced because I am too tired to do anything else. Pardon my run on. I'm just whining. I need a neck/shoulder massage. OK gonna go eat and watch tv  now with my baby (hubby)!(not a good habit I hear but maybe when we have kids that might change, but we love watching tv when we eat and relaxing with each other afterward, that cant be too bad can it? )
dreamweaver127 dreamweaver127
31-35, F
Aug 12, 2007