Family/friendship Wrecker

Okay so... Since this I the first story and all, I feel that I should probably put all my heart into it.

I feel like I am always just TOO loved, friends family, though with my family it is not as intense. I have had a couple of boyfriends and a few girlfriends (currently seeing a beautiful panromantic as3xual) and well, I just break apart their families. With my first boyfriend, well, his brother had the hits for me, as did his BEST FRIEND who had too him "I am madly in love with your girlfriend" and actually stalked me for a while. It caused some rough spots with them but it wouldn't have lasted because I was 14 and he was 18. After we broke up he began to stalk me, because he still had the hits for me and I hung out with his step brother who I eventually dated because I pittied the guy. And well, he took pictures of me as I walked home. And he hid the pictures among various amounts of XXX material. Next I dated a girl, she was beautiful and talented and smart as well but I felt that I couldn't be very loyal to her because I had a huge crush on a guy who is in my theater class, I was also very jealous because she was always hanging around her ex boyfriend and I kind of yelled at her because he was a very bad kid! And that made a dent in our relation ship because she broke up with me I go back with him. I was devestated! But now, with my wounderful girlfriend of today, we had gotten together on we birthday, and my gift to her was her first kiss, she is an amazing kisser, better than I ever had and when we decide to tell her brother that night, he was devastated, it turns out he had this HUGE crush on me and my breasts. He sat in his room crying and asking why I would go out with his sister when he has been asking me out for two months'

Sometimes I just feel like a home wrecker
Cryingsmile Cryingsmile
18-21, T
Jan 6, 2013