Romeo And Juliet

My boyfriend is 17 and 2 years older then me. We meet at school and hit it off. The next day we went on our frist date and he soon became my boyfriend. We dated for 2 and half month and had an amazing relationship. But my parent hate him and his parent hate me. It wasn't making his home life easy so he broke up with me. Nothing changed between us though. He still spent all night on the phone with me and told me he loves me. Two days after we broke up we got back together. He snuck over to my house and we slept together. The next morning he told me that he couldn't stay with me and broke up with me again. We didn't talk for 2 weeks. He wanted to stay friends but I needed a clean break to heal. When we started talking again he told me his life was nothing without me and he wanted me back. The next night after we got back together he snuck over again and proposed. He gave me a beautiful diamond ring this must have cost a lot. None of my friends are supportive of us though. They keep saying he's gonna leave again and hurt me. Its putting a huge strain on our relationship because if my constant fear that they are right. Am I being naive or am I just in love? I think it's the second one but no one else seems to...
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give him a chance but be careful too... :) hope for the best :)

Love makes you naive.