I tend to give people chance after chance after chance, even if i've been hurt or people tell me it's a bad idea. I'm stubborn and for some reason keep giving people the benefit of the doubt, but it honestly confuses me when I realize how horrid people can actually be. It doesn't make any sense because I am such a sensitive person, especially when I let people in, so you think I would be extra cautious, but no. Often I tend to trust and love and give my all, then get screwed and end up broken to pieces, but would do it all over in a heartbeat because I love so much and expect people to do the same. This isn't in a romantic sense mind you. Usually it tends to come from people I try to call my friends. But I'm getting better at trusting my first instinct because I'm typically right, it has just taken me a few times to realize it. I just wish more people in this world cared more about the people around them rather then themselves so much because it would make for a much happier place. Sometimes it of makes me sad that this is the world my daughter is growing up in. I'm honestly scared for her. But I'm more scared for the people that ever hurt her. As loving as I am, get on my bad side and you better get as far away as humanly possible and maybe that won't even help. Luckily never been anyone that hurt me I cared enough to retaliate, but my daughter is a whole different story. She's more important than me or anything else in this world could ever be. People of the world, be warned. I love you, so don't **** it up.

*Edit* And it happens again. Giving him a chance, being let down, things falling apart. But I'm smart enough to say enough is enough now. I have to be.

MissSunfire MissSunfire
26-30, F
Mar 13, 2010