This Is Where Being To Nice Has Gotten Me .

People always say im too nice , that I need to be rougher on people . Im to nice to people who I think care about me , I give them money , I make them food , I help them even when they don't return any of the favors . But its because I know what its like to not have any of that . But now being to nice ? What has it gotten me ? A close friend using me for money ? My dead baby girl that was still born 5 months into the pregnancy 3 weeks ago ? If this is what being to nice gets me , then im done being nice , and putting up with people . So all those people who say im too nice , get ready for a whole other me .
RIPJaylie RIPJaylie
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Damn i know completely how you feel, sorry to hear about your baby. Same thing happened to me i thought i had a few close friends but i began to notice that being "too nice" was really just allowing them to mooch off me. Whenever they needed money i was there, food? i was also there, advice/someone to listen to there problems i was there.... then when i went through an terrible situation in which i didn't have nowhere to sleep and no money they were nowhere to be found and when i made them aware of my situation suddenly either of them had money to lend or an place to take me in or even able to feed me.

That is why many times i believe its best to not even have friends instead treat everyone as an associate/colleague meaning having a professional relationship and nothing more. Being too nice caused me to not have friend/support when i needed one, to be hungry and sleep in a car for weeks at an time. It isn't that i'm going to be a **** neither, but i guess it just helps to not be as nice...