I Am Too Quiet

It is so easy for me to speak my mind on this site. When I am in human contact, though, my voice seems so silent that I am drowned out. I have so many things I wish to share but every time I try to say something my voice is over ridden. I am too soft spoken even though what I believe in means so much.I suffer in my silence. At times I feel so strong, at others when I am too soft spoken I feel as if I will never be heard. It feels as if I can never say what matters to me because my voice is over ridden. J
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8 Responses Aug 14, 2007

I wish too I could speak up more for my self.

Heheh, yeah I guess I can say I have that problem or rather I thinks I have an aura around me that makes me invisible. I have seen people come into the same room as me pass my desk and ask someone where I was. When I talk to people I make direct eye contact and listen its just that others don't have the same courtesies. It takes me really raising my voice for others to even consider listening most times and god does it **** me off! cheers!

that is exactly how it is with me! I am able to speak so much on this website, completely contradictory to what I appear to as others...silent girl who always looks at her feet.<br />
<br />
someone even asked me if I spoke english LOL<br />
"dooo youuu speakkk enngglisshhh?"<br />
"yesss dooo youuu??"

That's exactly how I feel. Like I am the invisible one...Even though I have so much to contribute to.Thanks for the input. Peace,J

I used to have the same problem, in some ways I still do. But what happened was that I basically came to a point where I did not want to be the invisible one anymore. I wanted people to hear what I had to say because I knew that it was relevant and that it was important- so I just started to forcefully interject myself :). I guess it has changed my personality, it's made me bolder but I still hesitate whenever I have something to say..

Now that is a wonderful quote, and advice too. Thankyou. Peace, J

Thanks for your advice Lizisha. Will try. Peace, J

ok,<br />
y don u try speaking at urself in front of the mirror n practice saying things.<br />
by the way, make urself more appeling to others so tht ppl wil wanto listen to wat u wanto say.<br />
as sometimes what i believe is, action speaks louder the words.<br />
so use body language n try to make it a point to others tht u r someone n u have something important to say.<br />
i believe,if they respect u enough they will indeed listen to u.