I Came Off As Serious When I Talked

Just the other day I was being overly serious about a certain topic. I started that topic and I could feel my class mate next to me sighed out of relief or something I don't know the minute we all stop talking about it... I was being heavy and serious for someone who doesn't talk much... perhaps I land a bomb whenever I talked. I think I did that sometimes.. I can't be light and breezy except whenever I text or pm. I try too anyway. even when people laughed around me, I couldn't join them or find anything that's worth laughing at... but there's always something to cry for... seeing people who are ill,  sad songs, sad stories, If you tell it to me right, I could cry for you... Sometimes I thought of just watching comedies but that doesn't even catch my interest... It's pitiful... but bloopers are funny... lol

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

I second Valerey's thoughts. And I used to feel the same way as you. I was at a party last night, and felt awkward too when all the ladies were indulging in the light issues and laughing. After some time, I managed to introduce my heavy topics, and I think most of us had a blast with that as well.<br />
If you're a born leader, don't fall in with the followers. May God bless you and give you success!

PS What's wrong with having a serious opinion anyway? The world is run by people who take what they are doing seriously. Why should you have to be an intellectual lightweight because they are? <br />
<br />
they make you feel embarrassed to have an idea in your head and then they walk away with all the prizes and good jobs laughing at how they conned you into feeling you had to act stupid to be accepted - when they were nothing of that sort behind your back.

So you need to be a moron? Is IS frustrating but if your emotions don't feel free to let anybody kick you around, then the ones you like wil always be the minority. Time was when virgins married virgins and thought something wrong with being 'friends' at all! - Feminists still believe women inferior to men if they feel the affection that they expect their right for men to give them because they were born female, but the rest of us have come closer to equality. All the same, the people we really feel at ease with as 'friends' are a minority of all the people there are, and we can make mistakes and be disappointed. Even treating somebody as you would wish them to treat you can backfire. It has to be getting to know each other (maybe fast in bed, like it used to be early 1970s), but you feel something for each other.