Me Too!

I haven't been in a relationship since march of 2011!! And i still haven't gone out on a date! No one has even approached me because i don't give out the 'signals'! I'm shy and i do want to start dating again! That combination does not work well! Anyone, tips on how to put myself out there???
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I haven't had a date for 7 years! 2011, mleh. lol j/k... I know, it's painful, isn't it? It's so stupid... I'm not happy with it... and the longer it goes by, the more painful and impossible it becomes.

when you find out how to make things work, let me know... there's a shy girl at work that I would like to get to know, but I'm shy, too... so I don't know how that's going to work. lol

start taking to good friends and some online friends - hope this helps !<br />
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I do not like who can not hold a good conversation - I do tend to go for less pretty but good conversation.

I understand totally how you feel. <br />
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I have been single for 5 years without dating! Coming off a 16 year relationship! I'm way too shy to just start talking to girls, need them to break the ice, which never happens!

If you are a hot girl, you don't really have to say much. Usually if you laugh at a guy and make eye contact, that's a good signal. Also, if you touch his arm or playfully smack him. I find it very sexy when a girl is a little sarcastic and makes fun of me a LITTLE bit, not enough to hurt my feelings. You clearly have a leg up, so don't despair. (Oh, and one year without a relationship is not all that long for us average-looking mortals.)

Thank you for the advice! It helps!! :)