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I haven't been in a relationship since march of 2011!! And i still haven't gone out on a date! No one has even approached me because i don't give out the 'signals'! I'm shy and i do want to start dating again! That combination does not work well! Anyone, tips on how to put myself out there???
Resona Resona 22-25, F 8 Responses Mar 13, 2012

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Better to have someone come to you

I haven't had a date for 7 years! 2011, mleh. lol j/k... I know, it's painful, isn't it? It's so stupid... I'm not happy with it... and the longer it goes by, the more painful and impossible it becomes.

when you find out how to make things work, let me know... there's a shy girl at work that I would like to get to know, but I'm shy, too... so I don't know how that's going to work. lol

start taking to good friends and some online friends - hope this helps !

I do not like who can not hold a good conversation - I do tend to go for less pretty but good conversation.

I understand totally how you feel.

I have been single for 5 years without dating! Coming off a 16 year relationship! I'm way too shy to just start talking to girls, need them to break the ice, which never happens!

If you are a hot girl, you don't really have to say much. Usually if you laugh at a guy and make eye contact, that's a good signal. Also, if you touch his arm or playfully smack him. I find it very sexy when a girl is a little sarcastic and makes fun of me a LITTLE bit, not enough to hurt my feelings. You clearly have a leg up, so don't despair. (Oh, and one year without a relationship is not all that long for us average-looking mortals.)

Thank you for the advice! It helps!! :)

If your are pretty then you will find a date pretty soon.. i mean someone will catch you up. If there is some flirtation from male or any female - you just got to respond back with a pinch of encouragement and then whole thing will sail through. Love, passion and sex is magical.. you dont plan for it.. it comes like that

It all depends on if you consider yourself beautiful. How is your self esteem? Going on a date is simply an attractive force.

I'm one of the prettiest girls in my college. And its not me talking, its my friends and class mates who have always told me so! I consider myself good looking but it still doesn't help me in any way does it?

I'm just shy! The right words just never come to my mind. I'm too apprehensive to talk to people i don't know!