Why I'm Too Shy to Start a Relationship

I've had many negative experiences with men. My last boyfriend was not good for me at all. So with all of that, I'm really shy around men. My shyness is worse around men that I'm really attracted to. I can hardly talk to them, let alone start a relationship. I really wish guys would see me for who I am, shyness and all, and love me for it.
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sometimes you dont have to say anything at all - but like yourself i am also a shy guy - but just be patient and relax and some special guy will come your way

Hey,just bury your past and start a new life. Many girls falls love with some bastards when they are young, but you always have rights to pursue happiness because you are still alive. It means the god give you chance to find your ture love.

Sometimes your shyness can be endearing to a man. And sometimes you might have to ask for a little help from one of your female friends (such as having them talk you up, or give them a message for you). Shy girls are not a bad thing, unless you somehow don't know how to put the signals out there that you're interested.

That could be an issue for a lady I'm interested in we are both shy people

look i understand where your coming from. im very shy in that capacity as well. Ive only approached under 20% of my past gfs. I agree with thatweirdromanguy. Maybe you should focus on some male friendships, so that you can relate to men more easily. Theres a big difference between not being able to ask someone out and not being able to even talk to their gender. Possibly you need more time to heal from your hurt. You are quite possibly sending the signal you are not interested to these guys you like. So they respectfully look elsewhere. Thats fine if you need more time but if you do want one of them, your going to help him by at least give hime some signs. Even if your face lights up when you see them thats a sign. Not everything has to be vocal. "Accidentally" touch him. Ive had a girl use that on me coz she picked i would freak out if she just hugged me and tell me so later lol. When she went to hug me a bit later on it was less confronting coz shed already had contact with me and she got to guage my reaction with that initial touch. If id flinched she would have aborted her plan lol. Slap his leg gently and says hes so funny when he tells a joke or something, Its a start. Things like that.<br />
Well hope thats some help to you and hope everything works out well when you are ready.

but its so hard to get to know you if you can't talk due to your shyness. I found that being friends with someone first for a while was the best start to any romantic relationship - its time to get to know each other first.