I Am Too Shy

I've always been a shy girl, after all my friends moved away in elementary school I found it very hard to make new friends, when I was in middle school I spend the most of my time at home, it bugged my mom a lot because she wanted me to be happy. But it was also because I had no self esteem. But when I came into puberty I started to become more confident, started to use make up, made new friends and had a lot of fun, I noticed that I wasn't shy with guys, I would flirt like crazy and date one guy after another, then everyone started to call me a sl*t. But the whole time I was just trying to hide my shyness.

When I was 16 we moved to a different country, we moved to Canada and I had to learn English, but I made new friends very fast, I made tons of new friends which knew my language, I wasn't confident to talk in English at the beginning and I wouldn't talk to Canadian kids at all.

But after I dated a Canadian guy I became more confident and started to hang out with Canadians and my English improved a lot (as you can tell) Now I'm dating the greatest Canadian guy, I'm not that shy around him at all but I'm very shy around his family and his friends, they would talk and I would just sit there and be quiet, My boyfriend is not shy at all he is always the one who never shuts up and makes everyone laugh, that is what I love about him the most, it is never boring with him, I had no idea how I got a guy like him, but sometimes I can tell that it buggs him that I am so quiet and shy around his friends because he wants to brag with me but because I am so shy and quiet they might think I'm a loser or something, and I'm sure it bugs him, but when I asked him if it buggs him he said that he loves me the way I am. But I wish I could be more like him then he would love me even more. It buggs me a lot I wish I wouldn't be so shy sometimes I even cry because of this. I even thought about taking drugs because I heard it changes the personality but that would be stupid.......what should I do.........please help

GrueneRose GrueneRose
2 Responses Feb 27, 2007

I'm too shy too and that is why I am not going to leave a message here. In fact I am so shy I don't even want to make a comment because it frightens me that some one might read it and know I wrote it so if you do not see anything in this space you will know why, that it is I am just too shy to leave a message. Please for give me for not making a comment and leaving this space blank.

Lol, go Canada!!! I don't know, I am really shy too. If there is something you are interested in, you should maybe join it so you can interact with knew people. The most important thing is to find people you don't know and talk to them. Just force it with them so then if you screw up only you will know and not your boyfriend and his friends & family. Or, hypnotherapy.