I May Be Skinny But I Dont Have An Eating Disorder

I have been skinny since i was a little girl. I have had food shoved down my mouth since I was a little girl. Family members didnt understand why i was soo skinny. I didnt understand why they obsessed about my weight cus in all honesty, I ate like any other person would eat. I had my breakfast,i had snack time, I had lunch, dinner and supper. So why did food have to be forced upon me?

I am Haitian and we cook a lot. the main course is always rice and for some reason they feel the need to pile it on the plate. So when i didnt finish all of the food,family would get mad and try to coerce me to finish it up. My grandma would try to butter me up by saying I will give you a dollar or something to finish this up and it didnt matter how much money you gave me cus fact of the matter was If I'm full, I'm full.you put cajole any more food down I will start to get that sick feeling and want to just throw it back up.

So on top of them forcing food down me mouth,we had them telling every person in the mother effin world that i was anorexic or i didnt like to eat. BULLLLLLL ****! i love eating! i love spices, i love food for goodness sake. So these ******* would come up to me asking: "why dont you like to eat?" or "you need to eat".First off,if i didnt eat,I would be dead or having some serious health issues dont you think. You would think someone who is in the medical field which is the majority of (Haitian women who were born in Haiti) would be informed about height,weight and age and about high metabolism.

It hurts a lot when people say things like stick,anorexic looking,bulimic. Like my God I dont go around calling people corpulent or obese cus i know that hurts.When are people gonna start realizing you cant always be like "oh you need to put some weight on".Do you expect me to pull out a wand and wish i had like what 15 more pounds on? cus honey it doesnt work that way. Anyways i know a lot of people feel like me. now a days when someone says ignorant **** like this i bite back. Adults still ask me this stupid question and I dont tolerate it.I let them know how it is no matter how rude it sounds but you will not disrespect me just cus you dont like the way God made me.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Yes!! And it's worse when normal sized girls say,"I wish I was as skinny as you." Like stop.

same with me im a 140 pound 6'4 18 year old and always have nd always will be skinny my friends always say i need to EAT PROPERLY but i eat more than they do.

I know what you feel!!!!!!!!!!!!