Ok so I'm 14, and going to high school in a few days. I'm only 88 pounds, which I guess is pretty bad. I'm about 4'11", so I not sure what the average wait for that is. I used to have really bad pain in my ankles and I sometimes have back pains. But it's pretty normal in my family to be this skinny.
And you can bet I'm ecstatic to go back to school cuz I think it's so awesome when everyone asks "Are you anorexic?",
"Do you even eat?", "Do you throw up your food when you finish eating?", " Can I have your lunch?", or "Wow, why are you so skinny?" Oh yes, I'm super excited for people to think I'm weak or can't throw a punch. One of the reasons I've never got into a fight (one of the good things about this). I can't stand people wanna pick me up or want me to sit on their lap.
First of all, I LOVE TO EAT!!!! Maybe I can't eat much as you, but I eat when I can!!!! Maybe I shouldn't eat as I should. Such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but who does?!?!?! Another thing, finding clothes is the hardest!!!!!! The only clothes that fit me are children clothes. So I usually have to shop at thrift shops or make my own clothes. U know, using DIYs or cutting old jeans to make shorts.
I especially can't stand how people are always telling me "Oh Look!!!! I can fit my whole hand around your arm!" Like ya, nice talent you have there, but I couldn't care less!! And I swear if one more person puts something above their head so I can't reach it, I'm going to be arrested for murder!!! Wow go ahead you cheater, use my weakness against me!!! And like I've said before, maybe you can see my ribs, but that doesn't mean you can treat me differently. Even one of bestfriends gave me the nickname "Anorexic", like really?!?
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the feels :( same for me