Taken Advantage Of...

I believe i do get taken advantage of because i am to tolerant. No matter what people do or say i shake it off and say 'it's ok' ... but now im starting to think that because i don't argue or get angry when most people normally would that people are taking advantage of me.. for example professionals constantly cancelling appointments on me.. making me feel like ****, but who cares, i wont get angry right? Its like people in school used to think 'im having a **** day, hey lets take it out on her she wont care'... 

I tolerate far to much bullshit because Im scared of people not liking me if i get angry, im scared of hurting people.. this is childish of course but i think its part of my vulnerability after being abused for years... I learnt to tolerate ****, and as a result i feel worthless and over-tolerating is a result now.... #

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I've realized that 'overly tolerant' people do offer the impression (concious or not) of an easy target for ill behavior of all sorts. I see the merit in 'standing up for yourself' as well; however, our objective is not to build tougher people to withstand and dish out more and more abuse. Our objective is to continue to build a better society. My overall opinion is that people who are tolerant and non-confrontational, who are otherwise well balanced, should certainly not have to waste any resource conditioning themselves to fend off people who are overbearing or inconsiderate. But let's not lose sight of the possibility that we may just be causing our own problems, tolerant or not.

I can relate to this a lot.. I'm crap at standing up for myself, and ppl don't expect it so I think that's why they won't accept it from me. :/