Taken Advantage Of...

I believe i do get taken advantage of because i am to tolerant. No matter what people do or say i shake it off and say 'it's ok' ... but now im starting to think that because i don't argue or get angry when most people normally would that people are taking advantage of me.. for example professionals constantly cancelling appointments on me.. making me feel like ****, but who cares, i wont get angry right? Its like people in school used to think 'im having a **** day, hey lets take it out on her she wont care'... 

I tolerate far to much bullshit because Im scared of people not liking me if i get angry, im scared of hurting people.. this is childish of course but i think its part of my vulnerability after being abused for years... I learnt to tolerate ****, and as a result i feel worthless and over-tolerating is a result now.... #

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I'm having the same problem. I don't stand up for myself or fight back even though it upsets or enrages me. Though, I take my emotions out on myself like cutting myself. <br />
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I hope you can change your attitude towards them and be able to talk about your feelings. Keeping things to yourself can worsen your mentality. I am working on this. It is hard.