I Am Too Tolerant

I think being severely tolerant is one of my downfalls although it is nice sometimes...

I don't snap at people or get mad that often; and when I am, it's usually just me being too dramatic.

I tolerate all kinds of **** every day and I hate it sometimes...I think if a guy almost hit me with a car, instead of yelling, "watch where you're going you idiot!" I would be the kind of person who would just walk away quietly and say, "it's alright."

But I think my tolerance has gotten to the point where some use it as an advantage...

a recent boy friend of mine...he is confusing the **** out of me by telling me he can't handle a relationship and still treats me as if we are dating...

he always lies but I always tell him ITS OK in the end. Any advice? Do you think he is playing me or something?

Because he still talks to me about "doing it" and we aren't even dating.....:((

PurePerfection PurePerfection
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010