I Am Too Young to Be This Lonely

i dont understand why i am so lonely. Teenagers arent supposed to be! I have some good friends, and i even have a girlfriend, but im still lonely. I dont even have feelings for my girlfriend, i mean i used to, but that didnt last long, and we rushed into getting together. Theres this girl in my chem class, who i think is just gorgeouse. I can not stop thinking about her, and i dont even know her. ive talke to her one time and that was to help her put her lab kit away cause she couldnt reach. I dont know why i feel so strong for her, and i feel terrible about it cause of my girlfriend. But i cant stay with my girlfriend. And not like i have any chance with this other girl, so thats not even the reason. I have no clue why i get such strong impulsive feelings for people. I say impulsive for a reason. alot of the time i really like someone, and am so drawn to them but then within a few weeks its almost like it disapears. I feel like when i find the right person then that great feeling i get from a couple weeks of having feelings for someone wont be so impulsive, and it will stay with me. Wish it was now though.

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

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to me your just going through the normal evolution of boy to man and its not easy as all those hormones are giving you hell. Try and sit back a bit and become aware of just who you are and what is diving you. For example is it head your heart or the hormones. Try to differentiate between these emotions and your on your way .good luck