Im too young to feel this stressed out. Working full time and everyone at my job stresses me out. Like i feel i dont belong there! Im too young to be stuck in a cycle. :(
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Ask yourself what is it that you really want to do in life, whatever it is that you want start doing it. Forget about finances, remembering making money when you are doing something that you love........... If you are doing what you want to and still are not happy then you probably arent having fun, find new friends, talk to strangers, go out on walks, hug someone random, smile at someone randomly. Like acts of kindness will give you the happiness you are so badly searching for

Thank you for this inspiring comment :) i am gonna be studying beauty therapy on October. I am working but i am stressed out with everything. I am saving up for accommodation and that. My course i need to pay for it by installment. Not til January which is good. I guess i am just overwhelmed cause i am stuck with my job that i dont like and time just kind of drags :/ i am just sick of working with fake smile on my face.

just hand in there, a few more months and ull be doing what you love.... We all have to make a few tough choices before we get to call ourselves the best