What's It Gonna Be?or Who-sorry

I still don't know who I'm voting for. Isn't that ridiculous?Hilary has experience.Hilary has Bill. That can be a pro and con.Obama'a a minority. Obama talked about Iran the way Bush talked about Iraq.He really doesn't have the experience. We're in this mess because somebody who didn't know what the hell he was doing got elected. I don't like that alot of Blacks are voting for Obama just because he's black. Or that some women are voting for Hilary just because she's a woman. Or, that the rednecks won't vote for a woman or a Black man,because they're too ignorant. It's a dilemma.
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It's the 8th of March and right now I'm on the Hilary train. There's something about Obama that I don't trust. There's still time but...Thanks for the comment Proud.I can see the political climbing in some of the movies that are written from people's experiences. Truth is stranger than fiction!The show "The Wire" is one of them. How can they get anything done if all they're worried about is the next election?God help us. We sure need it in these times.

I was undecided for some time and then decided to vote for Hillary. Obama is too inexperienced. He only served two terms at state level, (four years) ran for the Congress (Senate) and started campaigning the day he arrived. I just retired from government and most of the elected persons arriving at our state house were on the way to somewhere else. They never came to committee meetings and the moment a vacacy opened up at a higher level, they were running for that position and thinking about the next one. What sent me over the top was when he began to plagiarize. Deval Patrick's words were just words, Deval said, but when Obama used Robin Williams words about the blue and red states (Man of the Year movie) without attribution, I was turned off. Hillary has endured much, traveled much, has done a good job as Senator. And besides, men have led us ever since the pilgrims stepped off the boat in 1620. I think it is time for us to lead. We gave birth to the whole world, we can handle the White House. I wanted to like McCain, he was a prisoner of war for seven years and suffered much for our country, but I don't know why I can't warm up to him, but for now, I am a Hillary supporter.

hahah I hear ya. If only he was an option!

Actually, Obama has more "experience" than Hillary! I draw a line where the office held was an elected or appointed position, where there is supposedly some accountability. He has been an elected official longer than Hillary. None the less, None of the remaining candidates that are viable in a realistic consideration have my vote. I lean towards Obama, but that is not certain. I could never vote for McCain now....<br />
After coming out in Oct 2006 and last year during the debates (he was critical of Romney) against torture, he hid the fact that he indeed voted for the Military Commissions Act which gave unconstitutional authority for Suspension of Habeas Corpus, Military Tribunals for Unlawful Enemy Combatants, Extra-Ordinary Rendition, and yes...Torture. McCain a betrayer, many times over. Hillary has voted for every stinking piece of legislation that the Bush administration has puked out of their bowels (except MCA 2006), then voiced criticism after the fact...Illegal authorization for the war in Iraq is only one of many such violations of her oath. Obama has gone down that path as well, but has started to differentiate himself as of late. Unlike Dodd and Biden who voted identically to H. Clinton all the way down the list. Tough Choices... It seems that this year's top candidates will not only return to "The Lesser Of Two Evils" when I vote, but it will be an even more horrid choice than in previous years... I say that because of where things are currently in this country. Obama is the only candidate left that is at least verbally supporting the constitution during his campaign speeches... What ever that's worth. I may vote for Mickey Mouse this year.

Wow You never really know do you? They show a whole different side to themselves.It's going to interesting. That's for sure.Our primary's one of the last. I saw something on the news the other night about the "Superdelegates".Our Governor is one. If 40% of the state votes for Hilary and 60% vote for Obama, he'll "Bow to the will of the state."That's what he said anyway. I like him though. I think he will do that. Talk to you again.

lol<br />
I think he's like 70 something.... Yeah, I've always liked McCain, had a lot of respect for him...I was shocked, simply shocked to find out that the same guys who started the whole movement by Vietnam Vets against John Kerry have an even lower opinion of John McCain. There are tons and tons of web pages out there that really, really tear the man apart.

Good to hear. And I like your comments about the speech's. He is like 100 yrs old. hahahh I'm just kidding. But,I do think age plays into it without a doubt. Good food for thought mj thanks.

I'm not torn anymore. I didn't know which way I was going to go. Whether for McCain, Obama, or Hillary....Hilllary was a long shot for me, I admit it....so, honestly I've kind of been torn between Obama and McCain. Then, I heard Obama speak in Wisconsin after winning the Potomac Primaries, and that was immediately followed by McCain's victory speech. OMG, it was like following a sumptuous and elegant meal with dry generic dog food for dessert. I just can't see myself voting McCain now when Obama has stirred my heart and a deep patriotism and belief in the American people that I didn't even know was hanging out there. So, yeah, I can see where you are coming from. I was torn, but I'm not anymore.