I am engaged now. My ex from 2 years ago asking me for help. He wants me to go see him the weekends because I am a nurse. nobody knows his health condition and has dealt with drinking every other day. I am the one who has token care of his health and him in the past. My beliefs are to help those in need. He is an awesome person. What can I do he calls me everyday. And is currently alone.
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If I were in your shoes, I would communicate with your fiance first, if he's comfortable with it all then make sure your ex and yourself have no lingering feelings that could complicate his care. Explain to your ex, you are there as a professional first and friend second. If your fiance is completely uncomfortable with the idea, suggest to your ex other help he could receive from incoming nursing agencies to under the table private care. As nurses, compassion fatigue is a serious issue. We have to remember our lives are as important as those in need. Good luck!

Your beliefs can also run your heart not your head he will have to have to stand up for is self one day and you have a new life with your partner


That is his foot ...he's alone and is scared to go to hospital. Diabetic •

Because he might be amputated and not make it