There Are Two Fundamental And Ancient Ways

There are two fundamental paths since the beginning. First is of love and devotion (to a higher entity-God, Guru). Second is of knowledge, discrimination(between reality and falsehood).

These are two directions in which my heart has been torn since quite long. The first path is also the path of the religion I was born into. I have been attracted to the second path but the bonding with the first path is equal if not greater. And the historical/cultural legacy of my religion(first path) also keeps gripping me now and then.

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There are many paths - devotion to God/Guru, acquisition of knowledge, renunciation, meditation and selfless action.<br />
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The Bhagvad Gita prescribes selfless action as the need of the hour. If you have duties such as looking after parents, and the society - this is probably the only path open to you. In fact, in the world we live in - doing work devotedly and selflessly is the best of solutions.

My God, the one I imagine, is after the concept painted in Sikh religion, which is one of the major religion of India after Hinduism. This concept is of a God which is formless, timeless and creator of all creation. After the creation He resides in the creation and is all pervasive. In this aspect He is an impersonal entity but along with this He also has a personal aspect. He is also a 'person' and one can connect to him emotionally and through love. The path of experiencing God in Sikhism is the path of love and devotion.<br />
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I already spend too much time online, Wandering, reading, tinkering, learning new things. Never had any interests in games and cheese does not agree with me much.<br />
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But thanks for your suggestion. And I am planning to buy a good hardware in future, but it would be a mid-range laptop(maybe a macbook), not an x-box :-)

You know what you should do?<br />
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