What Is What?

I have this so called friend, we grew up together she was my only family I had.. She helped me get out of an abusive relationship with a man that was trying to kill. I have thanked her everyday since, because she literally saved my life. A few months later I return to my hometown, only to find out that she is now with and engaged to the man that she helped me get away from..

I begged her not to marry him, to come back to cali with me and I would help her get back on her feet and her **** straight. I told her over and over that this wasnt going to end the way she wants it to.. She went ahead and married him, and now it hasnt even been a month and she is pregnant, and begging for me to help her.

She helped me so deep inside of me there is something telling me that I have to do this, not only for her but for that baby too.. But there is also another part of me thinking well I begged her not to do she did and maybe she deserves it..

I am unsure which is right and which is wrong..
imperfectbeauty imperfectbeauty
18-21, F
Nov 23, 2012