They say your heart is where your mind wanders... what if mine is stuck between the middle :< I can't concentrate on anything else like my school work, except for what I'm dealt with- to break up with my boyfriend and be single for a while while talking to this other kid and risk everything... or to stay and be unhappy, but surprisingly happy at the same time. My heart is so confused. Maybe it's just a bump in the road of out relationship that's been going on for a year now.... isn't that what love is about? Sticking with the person while they are going through a hard time? It would make more sense if he noticed... but this other kid gives me so much attention, but he can't hold any conversation so how can I ever get to know him better? :(((( what is wrong with me :(
KrisMiss KrisMiss
26-30, F
Mar 9, 2014