You Are Only Important To Your Self

I am nothing.
I've been kicked by all.
I only hoe for the best for all,but expect nothing from all.
If solitude were money I could buy the world.
Being shot,stabbed,poisoned and run over,
All I do is get up and dust myself off.
What are we to do?
Give up..tread on...or just  curl up and die.
I guess that is a choice we must all make in solitude.
I guess it is just human behavior.
For we live but just a second on this world and in this moment we hope to make a deference.

To love is but an illusion.
It is all but words and words have meanings,And it the implications of thoughs words that matter.
Just to wake every day is a gift.
And to have a freind is a greater gift.
Also remeber that free will drives all,For it is not your bad judgement that effects you but others.
But don't fear of anyone because trust is the greatest gift anyone can give

The hidden doom we all fear

xenophed xenophed
46-50, M
Jul 29, 2010