A New Lover?

It's true....I have met someone. Nothing to write home about yet, but it strikes me as a possibility.  I have read a lot of his writing, and am very impressed by his intelligence, sensitivity, and sensuality.  I must say....I am trying to seduce him.  And I am going to pull out all the stops.  I wrote him private message, sent a few gestures,and wrote a piece of erotica for him.  Only he knows who he is....and I'll promise you....if you want it to stay that way, I can be trusted.....you have no idea how discreet I can be.  But I sure as **** would like to get to know you..give me a chance.....you might like me.....

calistoast calistoast
6 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Don't know if he'd agree with you...I AM a handful..lol!!<br />
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Sounds like a plan - please keep us posted on how it works out! Sounds like a lucky guy.

Thank you, otinob!! You bet I will seduce him....he's already mine....he just doesn't know it yet....lol!!<br />
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Hi,<br />
I hope you get what you want. You have my Good Wishes. <br />
Will you desert us horny males? You give us things to jerk over.<br />
YES seduce him!!

Oh, I think he's got what it takes. He's been around for a while....seems to know what he's doing quite well, thank you!! Thanks for the complement!! Hugs to you and sxd!!!!'<br />
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Calisto, this person, whomever it might be... is going to be envied by many of the men here. If it were me, i would both be overjoyed, and a bit incredulous... I hope for your sake he handles it - and you - well!