This Does Not Happen To Me. Get Out Of My Head.

I cannot stop thinking of you. A few days ago I did not even know of your existence. Now I find myself dreamily scribbling your name whenever I hold a pen.

I cannot forget those amazing abs and I know I was not supposed to... too look, linger wanting too stroke my hands all over your chest. I knew I was supposed to be professional and as I attached those electrodes as if I had all the time in the world. You nervously asked me if the procedure would hurt and what the test would reveal. I jokingly told you not too worry because if you got shocked you would not even remember. You sheepishly grinned as you realised I was joking around.

I love the sound of your deep manly, velvety voice. I love the way you say my name and I wonder, I wonder I know I should not. I wonder how would your kiss feel. I wonder how would it sound if you said my name in ecstacy.

Get out of my mind. I do not develop crushes. Thinking of you every second second is driving me up crazy street.
toomuchfantasy toomuchfantasy
31-35, F
Dec 16, 2012