Lost & Lonly &hopeing It Gets Better

seems like every time i open my heart to someone they take it and stomp all over it had someone i thought was a friend was close to she flurt with me get mad if anyone else flert with me itold me she had dream we lived together what made it crazy i had the same dream started falling for her then she started playing games with me bring guys over tell me how they where in bed when i say something or get mad she would tell everyone i was all in her biss would not leave her alone she was liveing here then started staying at another house to be with some guy started telling people here she was there cause i made her uncomterble found out she could not say she lived there cause she did not have job but she was moveing there soon as she got one at the same time she do something to hurt me or make me mad when i say something she go to the people here say see i told you i cant be around him he is in my biss all the time so i was hurt mad felt like i was ripeing apart i let everyone think i drove her off got few people mad at me feel like im going crazy and to make it worse i have no one to talk feels like im alone with no way out  .now she is gone part of me is glade another part feels like i lost apart of me feel so lost and alone dont know what to do all i can do now is hope it gets better just writing this down made me feel little better maybe reading about my messed up life will help someone feel better about theres.all i know to say so keep head up thing got to get better
steve1973 steve1973
36-40, M
May 18, 2012